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The HiBLUE HART Modem is a wireless design for HART networks. It will enable personal computers to read and confi gure data in HART devices. The wireless Bluetooth antenna provides connection for the HART network and the wireless computer, the battery charger is also electrically isolated from the HART terminals. These are key features for process control network. The HIBLUE is able to work with most communicators in the market, being a reliable and cost eff ective option.

  • Ideal for confi gurations, data acquisition and digital control.

  • Factory tested to work with all HART fi eld devices.

  • Extremely low leakage current ( < 1 uAdc ) will not interfere with current loop.

  • Compatible with Bluetooth 2.0 connector, RF Antenna FCC id T9JRN41-3

  • Full isolation between HART network and computer chassis and battery charger.

  • Small size and light weight enclosure, long battery life.

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