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The Computer Modem HI232 is a complete communication path for a HART network.  It will enable personal computers to read and or configure data within HART devices.  The computer RS-232 connector provides operating energy for the modem, eliminating the need for extra power supply, while the HART loop connector is electrically isolated from the computer terminals. These are key features for process control network. The HI232 is able to work with most configuration software in the market, being a reliable and cost effective option.

  • Ideal for configurations, data acquisition and digital control.

  • Factory tested to work with all HART field devices.

  • Extremely low leakage current ( < 1 uAdc ) will not interfere with current loop.

  • Compatible with RS-232 type DB-9 connector or type DB-25 with adaptor cable.

  • Galvanic isolation between HART and RS-232 port greater than 500V.

  • Small size and light weight enclosure, no need for extra power supply.

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