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The 914T is an industrial-grade differential pressure/level instrument ideal for use in process control. The mechanical sensor is based off capacitance transducer technology. The output provides a 4/20mA signal with HART communication. Powered by a high performance CPU this instrument is able to perform high precision thermal compensation plus many diagnosis procedures to assure its reliability. Differential Pressure/level transmitters have a limitless number of industrial applications. 

  • Temperature transmitter, mV, Ohm.

  • Low maintenance, easy calibration and configuration.

  • High precision input with minimum galvanic isolation of 500Vdc.

  • HART technology provides ease of setup and diagnostics during operation.

  • Compatible with Thermocouple or RTD sensors, and mV or Ohm type transducers

  • Support for differential thermal measurement or 2 measurement points.

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